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Hire & Exhibit

What can I expect to find in the Kudos Portfolio?

Our boutique portfolio features a number of prestigious hand-picked items, including fine-art prints, costumes, props and memorabilia. We have split our inventory into three distinct themed-collections: Heroes of Cinema, Marilyn Monroe and Bruce Lee. As we only purchase from impeccable sources, we are confident you will appreciate the quality and variety of the items on offer.

Who can hire an item from Kudos?

Kudos will only supply memorabilia from its inventory to galleries, museums, cinema-chains, exhibition centres and other venues whose primary purpose is to exhibit to the public or trade. We may also, at our own discretion, provide services for product launches and special promotional events on a case-by-case basis.

How can I hire an item from the Kudos Portfolio for my venue, exhibition or event?

Hiring an item for exhibition could not be easier! Simply click on the 'Exhibit Enquiries' button adjacent to the article of interest and fill out the fields, as appropriate. One of our trained advisors will contact you within 24hrs (Mon-Fri, 10am to 6pm) to complete your application and answer any questions you may have. (Please note that items in the Bruce Lee Collection are subject to special conditions and are only available for exhibition as a group collection.) 

How much will it cost to hire an item from the portfolio?

The cost of hire will vary from item to item and is also dependent on the intended duration of the exhibition or event. We can discuss your requirements in person and will always do our very best to accommodate your project or exhibition.

What if I want to exhibit more than one item from the portfolio?

We welcome inquiries for multiple items in the inventory. Please contact us at, and one of our trained advisors will call you back to discuss your specific requirements.

What can I do if I am interested in an item, but it is marked "Reserved for Exhibition"?

Please contact us at, so we can discuss your requirements and advise on future availability.

Do I need to make arrangements for insurance?

As we primarily hire to public venues, your exhibition rental will generally be covered by your existing policy. However, prior to completion of the rental agreement, we will need to be satisfied that your establishment or event has adequate cover, including an appropriate level of public liability insurance, if appropriate. This is especially important for smaller venues and exhibitions, as all our items carry a significant monetary value and a number are unique and irreplaceable. Should you need assistance in arranging an appropriate level of cover, we are very happy to help.

Can I rent Prop Weapons and Decommissioned Firearms?

From time to time, we may carry decommissioned or prop firearms and weapons in our inventory. All such items come directly from film productions, and all previously 'live' firearms have been professionally decommissioned by a licensed armourer. The movement and display of items in this category is strictly regulated by The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006. Consequently, we may only supply such items to museums, galleries and arms fairs, where adequate security precautions and insurance coverage are in place. All decommissioned weapons come with an official Certificate of Decommission.

How often do you update your portfolio?

Our portfolio is constantly growing and changing, and we will make regular updates to our inventory, so please check in often...

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