X Bruce Lee Kali Sticks

Bruce Lee's Kali Sticks

Only available as part of Group Exhibition

Featured in Enter the Dragon

Handmade to Bruce’s exact specifications by the props department at Golden Harvest Studios in Hong Kong, these unique wooden kali sticks were the perfect length for Bruce and were reinforced with a rubberized protective coating to enhance durability and provide additional grip and traction. 

Bruce deploys the kali sticks during the world-famous cavern fight sequence against Han’s guards in Enter the Dragon. One of the sticks developed a break during filming, due to Bruce’s incredible hand strength and a harder-than-anticipated impact with a stuntman. Bruce can clearly be seen covering this breakage with his hand in the film footage and archive photos. 

The cavern fight sequence is regarded by many as Bruce Lee’s finest and most innovative combat sequence, and these historic kali sticks are one of its signature weapons.


(Display Case) 93.3 cm x 12.7cm x 35.5cm 

(36 3/4” x 5” x 14”)

(Baton) 68cm X 2.5cm (26 3/4” X 1”)

Cat. No. KM0006

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